5 Weeks Pregnant – The evolution of your pregnancy

At 5 weeks pregnant, there aren’t any visible signs just yet, although your baby is growing inside the uterus at an incredible speed.

Being far from having the shape of a human baby and resembling more like a tadpole, and having the size of a sesame seed, the embryo has three distinct layers at this point. We are talking about the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm, layers that will slowly contribute to the formation of internal organs and body. The ectoderm, which is the top layer, already started developing your baby’s spinal cord, nerves, brain, and backbone, giving the embryo a rather elongated form. The baby skin, nails, hair, sweat glands, mammals, and even the enamel of his teeth will also be made from this layer.

During this particular week, your baby’s minuscule heart will start developing its chambers and allow blood to pump through the organ. The heart forms in the mesoderm, or middle layer, which will also aid in the development of the muscles, bones, cartilages, and the tissue under the baby’s skin. The inner layer, or endoderm, is the one that helped with the formation of the umbilical cord and placenta, so that the baby receives food and oxygen, so much needed for the little one’s development. This layer is also responsible for the formation of the lungs, urinary system, liver, pancreas, intestines, and thyroid. So, little by little and day by day, your baby grows and becomes slightly bigger today than it was yesterday.


  • How the mother is going to experience this week

Although your tummy is not showing just yet, your body will feel some of the signs of pregnancy. Your breasts may be sensitive or shore, you may feel the need to urinate more often than usual, may feel rather tired, and even nauseous, although this symptom usually appears later on during the pregnancy. Of course, you don’t have to experience all of these symptoms, because each woman is different and the body treats pregnancy in its own way. At this stage, the people around you will not notice that you are pregnant, unless you change some of your usual habits, like opting for a glass of water instead of wine over dinner.

5 weeks pregnant

This is also the best time to create a physical exercising routine. Working out on a constant basis will help your body develop resistance, which is much-needed as your pregnancy advances and your body will have to support the extra weight. Stronger muscles and joints will reduce the risks of experiencing pains and aches, while some women say that exercising also helps them calm down and relax. Not to mention that a fit body will make labor easier and will help you get through it a bit more comfortable manner. So, no matter how you put it, performing some physical exercises during your pregnancy is more than welcome. Still, you don’t have to start working out right away especially if you are experiencing fatigue and nausea during this week. These are symptoms specific for the first trimester of pregnancy and will go away as your pregnancy advances, but many women decide to postpone their exercising routine due to these symptoms.

Would you like another reason why it is so great to exercise while being pregnant? If you work out, your body will find it easier to regain the shape you had before getting pregnant. Of course, make sure not to exaggerate with the workout. Choose an exercising routine that is safe and adequate for a pregnant woman, which will provide a moderate level of activity. Swimming and walking are probably two of the best types of exercises you can enjoy, so make sure you’re not leaving exercising out of the questing during your pregnancy period. Cramping during pregnancy? See this article


  • How to maintain a healthy pregnancy

The first weeks of your pregnancy are highly important both for the baby and for yourself. So, with the help of a few simple steps, you can ensure that your pregnancy will begin and remain healthy for the following months.

  1. An early prenatal consult is always a great option

Don’t wait for too long until making an appointment for a prenatal. Prenatal care is essential for your baby and for yourself, so do get it in an early manner and respect the appointments your doctor is making in order to monitor your pregnancy. An early prenatal will spot any potential complications before they become dangerous, so it is highly recommended to get one, around 8 weeks the latest.

  1. Do your best not to forget to take your prenatal vitamins

If the doctor recommended you prenatal vitamins, then you should definitely take them, by following the correct dosages. This type of vitamins is richer in folic acid, calcium, and iron than the regular vitamins you will find on the market. And when you are pregnant, you will need higher quantities of these vitamins. Still, don’t overdo it, because taking too many vitamins can do more harm than good. They aren’t necessary in all cases, so talk with your doctor before taking any vitamins. Although folic acid is essential when trying to get pregnant and during the 1st trimester of your pregnancy, ensuring a healthy development of your baby and avoiding the appearance of various birth defects.

5 weeks pregnant

  1. Don’t take any medication without talking with your doctor

Once you get pregnant, you can’t take medication like you used to, not even over-the-counter drugs because they can be dangerous to your pregnancy. Regardless if you catch a cold or need medication to treat a chronic condition, you will need to contact your doctor and check to see whether it is safe to take such drugs while being pregnant.

  1. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Both smoking and alcohol consumption can trigger severe conditions that can affect the well-being of the baby. It can provoke a miscarriage, preterm birth, damage the placenta, slows down the development of the baby, and can even cause a stillbirth. Alcohol is also as dangerous as smoking for an unborn baby, affecting the child’s ability to focus, speak, learn, and cause hyperactivity. Even a small glass of alcohol can be dangerous, so it is best to avoid it completely than to take any chances.

  1. You need to be in a healthy environment both at home and at work

When you are pregnant, you need to make sure that you stay and work in a healthy environment, free of any harmful chemicals, radiations, and heavy metals. Also, do have in mind that most cleaning products used around the household, solvents, and exposure to pesticides can also have harmful effects on the health of the pregnancy.


  • If you haven’t scheduled an appointment for a prenatal, now is the time to do it

If you don’t have an appointment for a prenatal just yet, choose a doctor and make one because they 5th week is the best time to start getting your regular medical checks. Also, before going to the doctor, make sure you write down the last day of menstruation, so he’ll be able to approximate your due date, and prepare a set of questions if you have any.